Getting results: The word of the day is Content!

Sep 2, 2019

“I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word.” Emily Dickinson.

Having a website that performs brilliantly, a dazzling advertising campaign or polished presentation all pivot on the most important element – words.

The words we use in the digital age are just as important as when our ancestors ‘shared and liked’ stories around a campfire!

Content management in the digital arena

Technology offers many ways of communicating with target audiences, especially via websites. However, there are 1.94 billion websites online!


Having one that looks great, is not the same as having one that gets noticed and performs well. In a nutshell, your content is crucial to people finding and responding to your website.

This includes improving your SEO by including content on your website that’s fresh, dynamic and includes both short and long tailed keywords.

Your social media posts have huge potential to inform and effect a response; especially when you consider that Facebook alone has 2.27 billion active users every month (that’s around a quarter of the global population).


It still hinges on what you actually say though!

You can’t stay wordless

Finding sufficient content for ads, email campaigns, SEO-rich website text and social media posts can be a major headache.

Generating strong content can be a full time job in itself, particularly if you want to be sure of getting tangible result from your marketing activities. Not many organisations have pockets deep enough to recruit high calibre copywriters, who can soak up brand identity and dedicate themselves to creating ‘kick-ass’ content.

Benefits of using professional copywriters

Fortunately, it’s possible to commission professional copywriters to produce the regular content you need. These skilled individuals quickly get up to speed on your business aims, and produce text that’s powerful and effective.

They work with the spoken and written word daily. They study use of language, online trends, news and other forms of content. From this, they extract the words that have the best chance of engaging, educating, informing or influencing your audiences.

The last in that list is probably the most important. Professional copywriters can help you to persuade; to get your target customers buying, enquiring, registering or visiting.

They can also be the difference between high website traffic and no sales; and having robust lead conversion rates.

Contact the team at Erud IT, if you want a ‘word’ about spelling out your corporate messages with fresh and dynamic content.