Keep your website marketing GDPR friendly with these 3 easy tips

Jul 14, 2020

Creating amazing marketing solutions comes with great responsibility. In other words, when creating marketing tools, you must show your participant’s data the respect it deserves. Good companies do this naturally, and since the advent of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules in 2018, it has also been a legal responsibility.

GDPR is essentially a set of rules and regulations showing anyone responsible for other people’s data how to gather and keep that data secure. This has had a big impact on the marketing world and has given marketers an opportunity to think about how they operate.

The information around GDPR is extensive, however there are three main areas that marketers need to consider.

Marketing is strictly ‘opt in’ only

You’ve probably seen those sneaky attempts to gather your data, the ‘tick this box if you do NOT want to receive email marketing’. Well, those days are behind us. It’s strictly opt-in only now, and you have to offer the prospect a clear way to opt out whenever they want.

What information are you gathering?

Generally, your aim is to capture your website visitor’s details, so that you can then contact them in the future. Perhaps you want to keep your prospective clients warm with an e-newsletter, or targeted messages. With the new legislation you should only capture necessary personal details, usually just an email address.

Keep up with the ‘opt outs’

Take someone’s details off the marketing list as soon as they decide to opt out. You should only be storing data for those people who have given you their express permission.

In short, choose a professional company to deal with your online marketing services to make sure you are carrying out best practice, in addition to being on the right side of the law.
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