The English spoken word and how we use it in marketing

Aug 30, 2020

With almost a billion speakers across the world, English is the second-most spoken language on earth. It makes sense, then, that a large proportion of marketing material is also written in English. But is the written word the only option when it comes to marketing? Sure, it’s everywhere – but could it be that the spoken word may in fact be a better way to deliver a marketing message?

Let’s find out how the English spoken word can be used to best effect in your marketing.

The power of the podcast

According to recent Ofcom data, there are now almost 6 million adults who listen to podcasts at least once a week, which translates to a huge marketing opportunity. Like the radio which preceded it, podcasts represent perhaps the purest form of the English spoken word. With directed attention from the listener to the speaker, if you’re able to leverage podcasts as a marketing tool, you’re likely to see an excellent return on investment. This can take the form of either producing your own podcast or sponsoring an existing one.

Personal appearances and keynote speeches

Another essential form of spoken word delivery is, of course, in-person. It’s here where sales and marketing meet, with sales techniques generally being done on a face-to-face basis. But it’s also possible to leverage the English spoken word without using direct sales techniques. One great example of this is taking part in events with personal appearances, such as keynote speeches. As a thought leader, you can represent your industry but also indirectly promote your business with the power of the spoken word.

The rise of digital video

This list would certainly not be complete without mention of perhaps the #1 medium today which leverages the English spoken word: digital video. With the advent of sites like YouTube, it’s now possible for anyone to broadcast themselves to an audience of millions. This represents a prime marketing opportunity, as it allows businesses to produce informative videos, guided tours, or even video sales pitches. And, of course, at the heart of all of these marketing strategies is the spoken word.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can perfect your marketing strategy using the English spoken word, get in touch with the Erud IT team today.