Why you need an SSL certificate on your landing pages

Sep 10, 2018

Creating an effective landing page that links to your website is essential if you are to improve your Google rankings. But in order to maximise your page’s success, there are certain criteria you have to bear in mind. In the current age of hackers and identity fraud, trust and security are paramount – which is where an SSL certificate comes in.

How can customers trust your landing page?

Your success on the internet depends on a level of trust between you and your customers. Therefore, your landing page must have a clearly defined purpose and should encourage trust in your visitors. One good way of promoting trust is by ensuring that your home website and therefore your landing page displays the SSL certificate in the URL. This will be verified by the padlock symbol in the address bar – a sure sign of trust to consumers. The SSL certificate allows a secure connection between a server and browser and is an essential act of compliance with the Payment Card Industry standards if you take online payments.

Make it clear in your content

Having a secure connection is a great selling point and more and more businesses are relying on SSL certificate. Part of building trust is informing your customers and site visitors of the levels of protection. Many consumers might not know what an SSL certificate is, so if your call to action is for visitors to part with data or cash, explain to them how you are protecting their privacy by explaining that their data will be encrypted so that only you can read it. You should also back this up with a recognised SSL certificate icon or logo in your header or footer to reinforce the message.

Data security and Google rankings

As already stated, visitors to your landing page will not readily provide you with detailed personal information if they are not confident that it will be safe, and Google are very aware of this.

If you can put people’s minds at rest by including an SSL certificate when you set up your website, you are more likely to enjoy decent page rankings on Google. Although there is an extra annual charge for this, the increase in conversions that you will enjoy as a result will more than cover the cost.

In summary

If you are intending to collect visitors’ personal information when they visit your landing pages, it’s essential to purchase an SSL certificate for your site when you set it up. This not only reassures your visitors that your site is secure and their data is safe, it can also improve your Google rankings.